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Coming Soon - IMMUNEXTRA 3

Due to demand from the Medical Professionals that use and recommend IMMUNEXTRA, we have developed IMMUNEXTRA 3, a therapeutic Triple Strength product based on our award- winning original formula.

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Quality & Science

Proligna® is made from fresh, clean pinecones harvested from Wisconsin forests. A patented method extracts the desirable molecules; the liquid extract is then tested extensively to ensure it is contaminant-free. It is gently dried to a powder that is used to make vegetarian ImmunExtra® capsules.
Allera Health Products believes that quality ingredients and strict control of manufacturing and packaging are essential to product quality and efficacy. Immunextra® is packaged in National Sanitation Foundation certified facilities that employ FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. 30 peer reviewed scientific publications describe the research performed on PPC.


"This is a natural, ancient remedy that works."
"The best value there is. What can beat being healthy?"