Q: What Is ImmunExtra™?

A: ImmunExtra™ is an all-natural daily supplement that optimizes immune cell activity. A healthy immune system is the body's first defense against the effects of bacteria and viruses. ImmunExtra™ contains ProLigna™ , a patented botanical compound developed from pine cones, a natural remedy used in Japan for centuries. 

Q: How Is ImmunExtra™ Different Than Other Immune Products?

A: It is the only supplement based on the patented ProLigna compound, which is the result of more than 15 years of research and testing. Many immune products on the market claim to prevent disease and illnesses by using a combination of ingredients, such as echinacea and vitamin C. ImmunExtra™ contains a single active ingredient, ProLigna, which has been developed to optimize and maintain your immune system. Proligna has been proven to increase immune function 9 fold in as little as 9 days.

Q: How Can My Immune System Shorten Illness Caused By Cold Or Flu?

A: The purpose of the immune system is to keep infectious microorganisms out of the body, and to destroy invading organisms. Clearance of cold and flu viruses from the body requires stimulation of an immune response by the immune system. The immune system is made up of a complex network of cells, and organs such as lymph nodes, appendix, spleen and bone marrow that protect us from infection. Activation of the immune system to respond to foreign invaders like cold and flu viruses involve immune cells called dendritic cells and lymphocytes. Dendritic cells are activated when they sense the presence of a viral invader in the body. The cells mature, and then travel to the lymph nodes where they interact with and activate lymphocytes. ImmunExtra is a nutritional, dietary supplement that optimizes immune cell activity, specifically Dendritic Cells. It contains an ingredient called Proligna or PPC (polyphenylpropenoid-polysaccharide complex). Extracted from pinecones, Proligna has natural antiviral activity. Furthermore, Proligna may actually affect the viruses themselves and interfere with how they attach or get into healthy cells. Optimizing the immune system and keeping it healthy so that it can respond more quickly and persistently to an attack by cold and flu viruses, will help shorten the illness caused by respiratory viruses. 

Q: Why Should I Take ImmunExtra™ Instead Of Echinacea?

A: Think of ImmunExtra as a multiple vitamin for your immune system. Taken on a daily basis it will keep your immune system in optimal condition to help fight off pathogens. In the case of Echinacea, many studies have shown that it should only be taken for no longer than 15 days consecutively. 

Q: Will ImmunExtra™ Keep Me From Getting Sick This Cold And Flu Season?

A: ImmunExtra™ complements other preventative measures such as eating right, getting proper rest, washing your hands and avoiding contact with individuals suffering from colds or influenza. Research has shown that a healthy immune system can minimize the risk, and lessen the symptoms if you do become ill. ImmunExtra will help give your immune system it's best defense during any season.

Q: How Often Do I Have To Take ImmunExtra™ For It To Be Effective?

A: ImmunExtra™ has been developed for daily use. Laboratory tests show a single dose is effective in optimizing the immune system. But if you feel you need a little extra help you can take more. 

Q: How Does ImmunExtra™ Work? How Does It Help The Immune System?

A: Laboratory research shows that the active ingredient in ImmunExtra™ appears to enhance immune performance by increasing the amount of Dendritic Cells 9 fold in as little as 9 days.  A consistent level of immune cell activity helps the immune system stay alert and ready to defend the body. It optimizes cell defenses to help people stay healthier. 

Q: Who Invented ImmunExtra™ And Where?

A: The earliest forms of the active ingredient in ImmunExtra™ were discovered in Japan, where pine cone extract has been used for centuries as a natural remedy. The compound was patented after more than 15 years of research by scientists at the Tampa Bay Research Institute. The team at Tampa Bay Research Institute was led by Dr. Akiko Tanaka, a renowned scientist and expert on infectious diseases. 

Q: Are Pine Cones Safe? Where Do You Get Them?

A: The pine cones we use are harvested by hand from Scotch Pine cone forests in the United States. The pine cones and the Scotch Pine trees are Wild Crafted and are certified non-GMO. These pine cones are contained on the Food and Drug Administration's list of approved ingredients. In addition, after more than 15 years of human experience, the active ingredient pine cone extract has no known side effects. Our product is subject to extensive quality controls, and is thoroughly tested prior to bottling. 

Q: Aside From Pine Cones, What Else Is In ImmunExtra™?

A: The only active ingredient is Proligna™ . The other ingredients are simply exipients that are used to ensure proper flow of materials during production. There is a small amount of potassium chloride salt, as well as some vegetable-based material required for making a Vegan capsule. ImmunExtra™ does not contain any animal products, allergens , yeast, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish, or any artificial ingredients. 

Q: What Does ImmunExtra™ Taste Like? Is It Easy To Take?

A: ImmunExtra™ capsules contain ProLigna a natural botanical extract that contains no preservatives. Its patented formulation is Food Grade and is odorless and tasteless. The capsules are small to be more easily swallowed. The capsules are stable for up to three years at room temperature. 

Q: How Much Do I Have To Take?

A: We recommend a simple program of one 16 mg dose capsule a day for ImmunExtra™ to be effective. 

Q: How Often Should I Take ImmunExtra™?

A: ImmunExtra™ was designed to be taken everyday to optimize your immune system, giving you around the clock support. 

Q: Can I Take ImmunExtra™ With My Other Supplements?

A: Yes, ImmunExtra™ can be taken with other supplements without any known contraindications. 

Q: How Is ImmunExtra™ Different From An Immune Booster?

A: ImmunExtra™ works by optimizing immune cell activity to provide constant protection. It can be taken daily, not just for a limited number of days, so rather than providing a temporary boost to your immune system it gives you ongoing support – around the clock. It is safe for people with any auto-immune disease.

Q: Is This Product Safe? Does ImmunExtra™ Have Side Effects?

A: ImmunExtra™ does not contain any animal products or allergens like yeast, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy or wheat, or any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. There is extensive human experience with the active ingredient in ImmunExtra™ for more than 15 years. There are no known side effects or adverse reactions. 

Q: Is ImmunExtra™ Appropriate For Everyone?

A: We recommend pregnant women consult your doctor before taking a new supplement, medicine, or drug. 

Q: Is ImmunExtra™ Approved By The Food And Drug Administration?

A: The product is regulated like all food supplements by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pine cones from which the botanical compound is extracted are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA as a food and food supplement ingredient. We follow the regulations of the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Congress's intent in enacting the DSHEA was to meet concerns of consumers and manufacturers and help ensure that safe and appropriately labeled products remain available to those who want to use them.

 The provisions of DSHEA define dietary supplements and dietary ingredients; establish a new framework for assuring safety; outline guidelines for literature displayed where supplements are sold; provide for use of claims and nutritional support statements; require ingredient and nutrition labeling; and grant FDA the authority to establish Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

 Any claims made for the product in our advertising are subject to regulation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

Q: Has ImmunExtra™ Been Endorsed By Any Medical Associations?

A: This product is only now becoming widely available for use as a daily supplement. We do, however, have a Scientific Advisory Board composed of highly regarded practicing clinicians and scientists. In addition, several individual physicians can talk about its efficacy in their patients. 

Q: Some Extravagant Health Claims Are Made For Some Natural Supplements That Have Proven To Be Untrue. Why Should I Trust A New Product?

A: We are not making extravagant health claims. The only claim we make is that ImmunExtra increases Dendritic Cell production 9 fold in as little as 9 days. Pine cone extract has been used for centuries in Japan as a natural remedy. For fifteen years a team of scientists at the Tampa Bay Research Institute have studied pine cone extract. There have been extensive laboratory studies, including reports in 30 peer reviewed publications, showing the active ingredient in ImmunExtra™ can optimize immune cell activity. You can view a list of these publications on our web site. 

Q: What Evidence Is There That ImmunExtra™ Helps Ward Off Colds And Flu? Have You Done Clinical Trials?

A: Data from laboratory studies indicates that pine cone extract optimizes immune cell activity. Immune cells play a critical role in protecting people from the effects of germs and viruses.

Allera has manufactured ImmunExtra™ to the high standards required for clinical studies, and will initiate studies shortly. Clinical studies are typically sponsored by a company. They are expensive and require expertise in drug development that is not always available in an academic institution or research facility.

We have a number of supportive papers on our website. In addition, we have collected positive anecdotes from dozens of people who have used the pine cone extract compound (now being used in ImmunExtra™ ) for a number of years.

Q: If I Join The Allera Health Club, How Do I Cancel Or Change My Membership Order?

A: Just call Customer Service at 888-790-3929, we can change the quantity you are receiving, cancel your membership or answer any questions you may have. 

Q: Do I Have To Get A Shipment Every Other Month With The Allera Health Club?

A: The program is set up to send one 60 day supply, every 60 days – based on the one capsule per day recommendation. We can send additional bottles to meet the needs of your family, or you can call customer service and request that we skip a shipment. 

Q: I Don't Want To "Join" A Club. Can I Get ImmunExtra™ Without "Joining"?

A: Yes. You can always order ImmunExtra™ by phone or on-line at www.ImmunExtra™ .com. But you'll save the most by joining the Allera Health Club. It's free, no-risk, and can be cancelled at any time – just by calling Customer Service. Plus you will receive our FREE Gift & newsletter. 

Q: Is It A Cold Or The Flu?

A: Isn’t this a question we often ask ourselves during the cold and flu season? Well, it’s because several flu symptoms are similar to those caused by the common cold. Both illnesses have the following symptoms in common: cough, stuffy nose, muscle aches, headache, and fatigue. However, the viruses that are responsible for these respiratory diseases are completely different. While a sore throat, runny nose and burning eyes can be associated with a cold, the flu can cause a fever greater than 102°, nausea, loss of appetite, chills, flushing, sweating and more intense muscle aches. Flu symptoms also come on more suddenly than cold symptoms. And with the flu, you feel ill all over. But if any symptom lasts longer than 10 days, there is breathing difficulty, a high fever is present for longer than 3 days, there is excessive vomiting or if any unusual symptom occurs, it’s time to contact your doctor. You can reduce the risk of getting a cold or the flu by frequently washing your hands. And if you are sick, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing to stop the spread of the virus.  Getting enough rest, eating healthy foods regularly, exercising and taking ImmunExtra with Proligna will help keep your immune system healthy so that you can better avoid catching these respiratory viruses.