4 Easy Steps to Start Taking Back Your Health

Starting out on a new health and wellness journey can be frustrating and overwhelming. Some people seem to have the ability to jump right into a new healthy lifestyle, but for most it is much more realistic to start small and work up to these new healthy lifestyle goals. Let's break down some simple starting points to get started on your wellness journey. 


1. Identify your "Why" 
Take some time to recognize what makes you feel motivated to take back your health. Do you just want to feel better? Write it down and place it somewhere visible as a reminder. 

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2. Pinpoint The Problems(s)
Do some self-assessment to figure out what is causing your health concerns. Are you are consuming a lot of processed sugars, sodas, or fast foods? Maybe you're not getting enough sleep or even too much sleep. Has your lifestyle become less active? Or maybe there is even a deeper issue which you will need to figure out with the help of your doctor.  

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3. Do some research
There is a lot of information out there. It can really overwhelming. The fact is, there is no one right way for certain health issues - like weight loss, for example. Some of your process is bound to be trial and error, but with a little patience and information from reputable sources, you can find a maintainable solution that works for you. 

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4. Make a plan 
With the problems you just identified in mind, you can come up with solutions that will work for you. Many people have many different methods. It may take some trial and error, but it doesn't have to be stressful. People tend to get caught up counting every single calorie they consume. This surely has it's benefits, but is it sustainable? For most people, it's not. Your best best will be to come up with a plan that that makes sense with your lifestyle - one that will be maintainable for the rest of your life. 

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Bonus Tips:

  • Find an accountability buddy
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Meal Prep 
  • Eat Clean 
  • Protect your Immune Health with ImmunExtra
  • Get your heart rate up at least once each day 
  • Maintain healthy relationships 
  • Meditate to reduce stress
  • Follow our blog for healthy tips, tricks and motivation!

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