Are You Taking Too Many Supplements?

Are You Taking Too Many Supplements?

Is It Possible To Take Too Many Supplements?

Getting enough nutrients is essential for maintaining a healthy body. 

Many people have turned to supplements to fill the gaps in their diet, but could this be causing more harm than good?

For each vitamin and mineral, there is a recommended daily amount. What happens when this amount is exceeded?

The Recommended Daily Amount Of Vitamins You Should Be Taking (And What Happens When You Intake Excess)

The amount of each nutrient that your body needs vary from nutrient to nutrient and depends heavily on your demographic. Here is a list of the RDA of vitamins you should be taking and what happens when you consume too much.

Vitamin D

The recommended daily amount of vitamin D you should consume if you’re from the ages of 1 - 70 600 IU. Persons above this age require 600 IU and persons below this age only require 400. A single egg can give you 82% of your recommended daily intake. Consuming too much vitamin D can lead to toxic amounts of calcium building up in your blood.  This can lead to kidney issues and aching bones.

Vitamin B-6

The recommended daily intake of vitamin B-6 for persons 1 - 50 is 1.3 milligrams. For women above 50, the recommended daily intake is 1.5 milligrams and 1.7 milligrams for men. Vitamin B6 is water-soluble, meaning that the excess nutrients get passed out in your urine. Taking large doses of vitamin B6 over extended periods can lead to nerve damage.

Vitamin A

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The most vitamin A you should consume in one day is 10,000 IU. This is easy to obtain as vitamin A is available in most foods that the average person eats daily, such as dairy, animal products, and seafood.

Vitamin C

Taking too much vitamin C can lead to kidney stones and diarrhea. The maximum amount of vitamin C you should consume in one day is  2,000 mg.

People often don’t keep track of their vitamin intake, or in some cases, they’re unaware of why they’re taking the supplements.

 InmmuneExtra has a variety of supplements intended to aid your immune system. The products are clinically tested and all-natural.

What Does The Term “Natural Product” Mean?

For something to qualify as a natural product, it must be free of additives, coloring, and artificial ingredients. It should instead be sourced from a living organism, such as a plant or animal.

 ImmuneExtra creates all-natural, organic, vegan supplements that are highly effective in boosting your immune health.

Should I Be Taking Seasonal Supplements?

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Studies have shown that exposure to cold weather weakens your immune system. This means that in the winter months, your immune system needs extra nourishment to protect you effectively. A nutrient that many people find themselves lacking is vitamin D. This is is because they’re less exposed to the sun during the winter months.

 ImmuneExtra’s Seasonal Optimum Support is formulated to provide your immune system with the nutrients needed for it to flourish. It contains Proligna, Echinacea, Elderberry, and Propolis and is easy to take. Get yourself a bottle to reinforce your immune system.

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