How Stress Damages Your Immune System?

How Stress Damages Your Immune System? Stress And Your Immune System

The USA has a serious problem when it comes on to stress


Americans are very stressed, and this negatively impacts their health in several ways. One side effect of stress that’s not often talked about is how it affects the immune system. Here is how stress can make you more prone to getting sick.

The Effects of Stress On Your Immune System.

Cortisol is the hormone your body creates in high-stress situations. By dropping the number of lymphocytes in the blood and preventing your white blood cells from communicating, cortisol reduces your immune system’s ability to fight against illness. 

To make things worse, when you’re in a high-stress situation for a long time, it becomes normal for your nervous system. This makes recovering difficult, as your immune system becomes stuck in its weakened state until your stress levels become lower. This can lead to you becoming sick more often and experiencing personality changes.

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How To Handle Stress?

A study showed that 77% of people in the USA reported experiencing stress to the point that it affected their physical health. Being stressed is inevitable, so it’s important to learn to manage your stress.

  • Exercise
  • Drink less coffee
  • Start journaling
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • Take breaks
  • Try mediation or yoga

It’s also crucial for you to take supplements. Taking immune-boosting supplements reinforces your immune system and makes it able to handle the negative effects of stress better. ImmuneExtra is a supplement made using Proligna, a pinecone extract that is scientifically proven to make your immune system stronger. Get yours today for better health.



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