Why Are Pinecones Special?

Why Are Pinecones Special? Pinecones are very special, but you'd probably never guess why.

Did you know you know that you can use them to predict the weather?



In dry conditions, the pinecone will open to release pollen. In wet conditions, however, they remain closed. This means that you can easily use a pinecone to figure out how humid it is.

Pinecones also have several health benefits.


When thinking about things that can boost your immune system, it’s unlikely that pinecones are the first thing to come to mind. But it has several health benefits that you might not know about.  There are several pinecone extracts, such as  Proligna, that can positively impact your health. Here’s what makes pinecones special.

Health Benefits Of Pinecones 

The young growth of Scots pine trees is traditionally used to make herbal tea in North America and Europe. It’s effective at treating:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis 
  • Chronic Wounds (Applied Topically )
  • Common colds and inflammation of the mucus lining of the lungs (As A Vapor).

German medicinal baths often feature pinecones. These baths are used to treat neurological issues and nerve damage.

It also has significant benefits for your immune system. It lowers the IgE in your blood. This lowers your risk of allergies and improves your immune response to foreign proteins.

two pinecones

The Pinecone Extract That Will Change Your Life

Allera Health is a Company based in the USA  dedicated to improving your health. Our patented pinecone extract, Proligna, is scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system’s health. We use it to create ImmuneExtra, which is the ultimate immune system booster.  Your immune system is constantly under attack. You need to reinforce it in every way you can. Get your bottle of ImmuneExtra today!

One of the things that weakens your immune system is stress. Check out our next article to find out how stress affects your immune system.



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